We do not need a new world war to change the world to a better place. The war is already here.

Fewer people are killed in this “war” but the economy is hit in the same way as if we have been fighting with weapons instead of fighting Covid-19.

This “war”, like any other war, is a gamechanger!

It will change the world forever and why not use the opportunity to create a better world for everyone.

But how?

We need more jobs and fewer people with stress

  • Solution: Change the standard hours of work for employees to 30 hours a week

We need to make people more wealthy

  • Solution. Share the net profit in privately-owned companies 90 % to the owner and 10% to the employees. Aiming for 80/20. For public employees. Split savings in each department the same way

We need a greener world

  • Move offices and non-pollution companies to areas where people are living

We need a healthier population

  • Educate people in the art of living

Let us fight for a better world.