COVID-19 is terrible and the media is full of horrifying stories!

We, therefore at only focus on the positive effects.

As we all know “Always Look on the bright side of life”.

But is there any bright side of coronavirus?


Suddenly people are forced to think.

Think about their own situation and the situation of their family and friends.

Is your quality of life depending on your possibility to be entertained or might it be possible to stress down and just enjoy being alive?

Help your family and friends if you can and help yourself to “Always Look on the bright side of life”.


COVID-19 positive effects

  • Reduced CO2 emission

  • Lower gasoline prices

  • We reinvent nature

  • Reduced number of burglaries

  • No traffic jam

  • Reduced pollution ( we save lives)

  • We come to know ourselves

  • Less stress

  • We learn new habits: maybe watching football every Sunday is no longer a must.