Understand 🤔and manage your life.🔧

When you buy a new car🚗, you get a manual📕 with some information how to keep the car running for several years.

When you are born👶, what do you then get? A piece of paper with your name on?

What about the manual? 📗

Wouldn’t it be an idea if you received a manual informing you how to live a successful life? ✅

How you could solve various problems in order to stay healthy?

This manual for human beings is already here!

It will take you about 2 hours to read and understand. And it can serve as your companion for the rest of your life. The name of the manual is: “itZyourlife…go living”. https://www.amazon.com/author/arneholst Be a new member of the itZyourlife community. Please contact me with your comments, after you have read the book. E-mail address is in the book.  

New book: "itZyourlife...go living"

e-book or paperback. Buy on Amazon. 

itZyourlife…go living”, is a very optimistic book. Efficient and direct.

It gives you a little push in the right direction and help you enjoy your life.

  • Avoid stress and make your life a success 

  • Relax and still be efficient 

  • Learn to solve problems 

  • Be creative 

Please note: We all have the same opportunity for success, each in our own way.

” Life goes on whether you are annoyed about the past or worrying about the future.”

Enjoy your life!




Life is easy and simple! Or at least it should be!

However, maybe, you need a toolbox to help you.