Understand yourself and enjoy life.☘

Your life will change to a better life if you want a better life.

Your worst enemy is yourself, but that is also the easiest one to handle.

It is up to you to find out what you want and go for it!

What you achieve in life and how you feel has not much to do with your intelligence……

But it has a lot to do with:

  • Your ability to concentrate on what you are doing whilst doing and it does not matter what you do (as long as it is legal).

  • Your enthusiasm, do whatever you do 100%, and enjoy it.

  • Your ability to accept facts. If it happened. It happened!! Move on.

  • And your ability to relax (see the “self-study 2" section).

... go living

......and please start reading below


No one is more important than you.

 All people on this planet have the same basic right and possibility to succeed. And believe it or not: Somewhere on this planet, the sun will be shining as long as you live. So enjoy your life and respect the life of others.

Do not use energy on what happened in the past. Accept it did happen and move on.

Why use energy to worry about something in the future or your future? Often you worry about things that never happen. Do what you have to do. Now. You live today. You live now. Relax!

Do not try to solve problems in your bed. Get up. Turn on the light and describe your problem on paper. And go to bed again.  Your brain forgets what is on paper.

Solving problems is easy and interesting and all problems can be solved! But, do not try to solve several problems at the same time. That is impossible. The best way to solve problems is to list your problems on paper (do not overload your brain with all kinds of problems). When listed on paper cut each problem into small pieces. Start finding out what caused the situation you are in/your problem and then start to write different ways to solve each issue. It then becomes much easier. Question: Are you able to eat an elephant: yes, it will however take a couple of years, but just start with the tail and go on from there. It is the same with problems: cut each problem into small units and solve one part at a time. Easy.

You need energy to do, whatever you do.

How do you then release the energy for you to use?

The energy is already there.

You are part of an energy field.

Therefore, if you relax and decide to go 100% for something the energy you need to do so will be available.

BUT if you decide to sit in a corner and feel sorry for yourself or if you explain to yourself that you cannot do this and that, then you are not allowing the energy to flow into your body and work for you.

  • Smile, relax, and get free energy

  • Withdrawing into a sulk and the energy with will stay outside your body


Waiting for the right time for action might make you lose momentum.
Often the best thing to do is action. NOW!
Why wait?
You might miss the target.

Your identity

If you think your job is your identity, you will fail: sooner or later you do not have that job

If you think your identity is your car, you will fail: sooner or later your car will break or you have to sell.

If you think your identity is your good-looking, you will fail: sooner or later you will start losing your nice young look.

Believe me: your identity is yourself, your inner energy and that can never be taken away from you.

So, relax and see your job, your car and your good looking as something nice to have for a while,but absolute unimportant for your life.


By the way: Looking forward to something is actually only a bad habit!

You lose valuable time waiting.

Try to enjoy what you do, instead of only enjoying the result.

Life will be much funnier!