Learn how to relax.

Find a chair and sit down.

Lower your shoulders

Take a deep breath before you begin. Exhale through your mouth.

  • Do not cross your arms or your legs.

  • Place your hands on your legs.

  • Bend your head slightly forward and close your eyes.

  • Concentrate on your breath.

  • Breathe deep down in your stomach and continue up in your lungs.

  • Say to yourself while you fill your lungs: I - will - relax

  • And when you empty your lungs you say: n----o---w

Repeat this a couple of times!!

I - will – relax     n----o---w    I - will – relax    n----o---w

It is important that you always use the same words when you relax.

Next step is that you focus on different parts of your body (Still in same position as before and breathe as mentioned).
Start with your face:

  • Say to yourself: "I relax in my upper head. (feel it)I relax around my eyes.(feel it)My cheeks are relaxed. (If done correct, water will come to your mouth)"

Again: think about your breath. I - will – relax    n----o---w

And then you concentrate on your shoulders again.

Lower your shoulders.

  • Relax (focus on) your arms.... your hands.... your fingers. (Done correct you feel your fingers tingle)

    Do not forget your breath.

  • Relax (focus on) your legs.... your feet.... your toes. (You feel your toes tingle)

You are now relaxed.

What you feel now is your inner energy.

You feel yourself. This is you.

Sit like this for about 5 minutes.

Use the time to inform your brain what you want to achieve in life!! (your brain will listen and help you.)

Try this: "It is my right to be healthy and I demand to stay healthy for the rest of my life.


Use any opportunity to relax:

While waiting in a supermarket, waiting at the doctors or waiting in a car!

Use the time to feel yourself.

See waiting as a gift: you are able to relax.

Important: Relax in bed, just before you fall asleep. Lay on your back, hands on your chest. And use the method mentioned above.

Now you know how easy it is to relax.

After a few days of practice you feel more energetic.

You sleep better.

You think better.

You feel better!

Stop up and relax every time you see a chance!

Remember when you walk from one room to another (at work, in school or somewhere else) relax. Empty your brain. Smile.


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Doing something, without being aware of what you do, will not make you happy.

And you are doing that from time to time, aren’t you?

You can do a lot of things unconscious. You can even drive a car....BUT DO NOT DO IT!!

But the smartest thing to do is being 100% dedicated to what you do.

And enjoy it at the same time.

You bring much more energy into the action

And this is what life is all about: bring energy into whatever you do.

Very Simple!

Enjoying life has nothing to do with an expectation on a reward, when you finish a job.

Enjoying life is learning to enjoy what you do, while you do it, no matter what you do.

You are the only one, that can bring happiness into your life. No one else can do it.

You just have to go for it.


Never allow something to destroy your concentration.

No pop up mail.

No mail sound.

Never allow yourself to read mails/SMS in a meeting. You can read before and after.

Enjoy writing a mail. Enjoy writing a letter. Enjoy painting your house. Enjoy doing nothing. Enjoy being busy.

Enjoy listening to people. Enjoy commenting.

Enjoy even the simplest things: you are alive. You can smile. You are able to do, what you do.

And what is the benefit: you feel you are alive.




You cannot imagine the power you get, when you concentrate on what you are doing, instead of doing one thing whilst thinking about something else.

When you are concentrated you achieve the following:

  1. What you do, you do better and faster

  2. You cannot concentrate and worry at the same time

  3. No stress is possible

Do concentrate on even the simplest things!


 And there is no reason to speculate about what you are going to do tomorrow or next week or next month.

Do not get nervous!

You will get the energy/power to do what you have to do, when needed!

And if you need to prepare something: sit down and concentrate on preparing and then move on.


Next time you brush your teeth: see for how long time you are able to concentrate on this simple thing before the first irrelevant thought enter your brain.

And when it does just smile and say: no not now!

Drop the thought and send it away.

Concentrate when you:

  • Take on your shoes

  • Iron your shirt

  • Walk the dog

  • Participate in a meeting. (Looking at/writing on your PC or smart phone whilst being in a meeting is not only rude, it is a no go. You do not get any creative ideas if split between meeting and reading mails. And you are invited at the meeting to contribute with your ideas! I hope! )

Do not allow irrelevant thoughts to interfere.

When you concentrate on what you are doing right now, you might as well enjoy what you do now and practise not to think that tomorrow is better or next week is better. Now is always best. Practise this.

it is out: your brain is constantly bombarding you with information not needed .

Do not listen!

Actually your brain is rather simple.

It consists of:

  • An archive – all data from your life and that of your forefathers.

  • A calculator – capable of mixing all data in your brain.

  • Plus a transmitter.

And if you do not take control: your brain will constantly bombard you with something not relevant for what you are doing right now and it will try to make you feel bad.

Do not let that happen.

But how?

Well as mentioned earlier:  you have to inform your brain every time it try to interfere with what you are doing, that you only accept and react to information related to, what you are doing right now.

All other thoughts coming from your brain: send them away with a smile and say to yourself: "not now".

Every time you stop your brain for few seconds you are rewarded with new energy/ideas!

The effect is fantastic.

You will end up being in control.

Moreover, when in control: tell your subconscious brain what you want to achieve in life and it will start working out a plan using the transmitter to get you there.

Not blocking your brain with irrelevant thoughts means you are present. You are concentrated. You make it possible to do whatever you do using also additional valuable information from the Universe. You are online.

This is also called: creativity!

Great thinkers are not thinking. They are just open to receive information from their subconscious brain/ the Universe and they understand the information given and react to it.



Isn’t fantastic?

You are sitting together with your friends and you have been looking forward to this evening for a long time (some people do that).

And now that you are together you notice:

  • One of your friends is sending SMS to another friend.

  • Another is more interested in looking good watching a person at another table.

  • And you are sitting and speculating how to overcome tomorrows challenge.

You are there, but you are not there anyway!

Try next time you meet people:

  • Set your mobile on silent

  • Listen and comment

  • Do not worry about anything.

  • Enjoy that you are there.

You will notice a dramatic change for yourself and for your friends.

And do you know what: people automatically choose to talk with you.

(Try the same in business meetings)

Problems are here to shape you.

Look at it this way: a problem can always be solved and it often solves itself.

It is however something that for a short while, need you attention.

Do not let any problem ruin your life.

Don’t think it is the end of the world.

Move it from your brain and to a piece of paper!

What is the real problem?

Split the problem in small units.


Hide the paper in a drawer.

Solve the "problem" whenever you feel for it.

50% chance it has been solved by itself.

When on paper: your brain can relax.

And you can smile!

You did it again.

Remember: the larger you feel your problem was, the larger your victory is solving the problem.

And you will always be able to solve a problem. Sooner or later.

Note: Every time you solve a problem, you get stronger.

Losing a job might look as a problem

  • Yes, but don’t let it make you unhappy?

    Happiness has nothing to do with a job.

Losing a partner might also look as a problem

  • Yes, but do you know, how many new friends are out there? Go out and find them!

See the possibilities!

Some people think you are what they see!!

......And maybe you think you are what you see in your mirror.

But you are not!

What you and others see is only your body/face.

You may compare your body with a container.

The important stuff is inside.

You can paint a container as many times as you want.

It will not change the valuable you inside.

And following so far, you will by now know, that every time you  relax you are able to feel your energies.

 And that is who you are.

You have found yourself!

(pissst…and do you know what??? No one can ever take that away from you)

Before an important meeting: remember to consult your stomach!

Do you feel any hidden aggressions?


 Throw them away before the meeting!

Start any meeting in a positive way!





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