The universe

Here is how your life works:

All objects in the universe are connected.

We are all, so to speak, connected in the same energy field.

The closer you are to a living object (person/animal/plant) the stronger the energy between you and the object/person.

And here comes a very important info: if you act or send a friendly message to the object/person same energy is send back to you like via a mirror. You load yourself with positive energy.

And opposite: if you are hostile towards the object/person the mirror works in the same way and send all your unfriendly energy right back to yourself.

And for your information: negative energy is what makes you sick.

So why not only receive positive energy: you decide.


.......go living .....with positive energy.

Please note!!!!!

Enjoying life is not just sitting on a sofa doing nothing.

Enjoying life is also being active, being tiered, smile, relax, slow food, accept your situation, open your eyes, say good morning, be yourself and go to bed with a smile, not thinking about anything.


Is it that simple?